Learn to code with ease

We understand that most people have very little time these days to learn something new, let alone learn to code. If you are one of those with limited time, and you've been thinking about learning to code, we've got you covered. We bring your coding tutorials right onto your whatsApp messenger.

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Hustle free tutorials

We give you exactly what you asked for. No long talk. Hustle free tutorials that give you all you want directly in your messenger. Make your own time and study at your own pace.

Easy tutorials

We put you into a private whatsApp group with no more than 20 students, and give you access to multiple tutors. Tutorials are designed to take you no more than 5 minutes to go through to the end. Tutorials are posted daily, and students are encouranged to ask questions as and when they encounter difficulties. Learn to to code from scratch, from the comforts of your homes, and at your own time.

Time conscious

We understand that our students have limited time within a day, and so we structure our classes to meet their needs accordingly. Tutorials are typically posted each morning, usually on about 3 topics. Students then have the rest of the 24 hours left in the day to go through tutorials and submit practice assignments. We allow students to make their own time, and our multiple tutors are available any time of the day to personally assist students with their programming needs.

Free support

With 700+ programmers and computer enthusiasts within our various whatsApp communities, you get the chance to interact and form connections as you learn to code. Members of our community will also help answer and programming related questions you might have. You could also join our community meetups and have face-to-face interactions with your tutors and commrades.

Get paid for referrals

Become a part of our contributers and earn some money on the side whiles making useful and concise tutorials for our students. Refer new students to sign up for our classes and earn yourself some commission on their fees.

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Join a class

Take a look at the various courses we offer and sign up to get started. Learn to code from your whatsApp messenger today, from the comforts of your home, and keep your own time.

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...and we've got something for everyone.

Hire Developer

Hire the right developer to join your team. We help you scale your team by matching you with a developer with whom you can enjoy working. We screen our developers thoroughly and train them with all the knowledge and skill set needed to make your team a productive one. Take away the burden of having to worry about your developer team and focus on your business.

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Apply as Developer

Become our develop and join the network of developers building the next big apps in Africa. Work remotely or on-site with any of our partners while you build a solid career. Let our developer program take care of you. No more job hunt with theprogrammershub.

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...and even more.

Fully accessible

Our classroom are whatsApp groups with small groups of students at a time. Classes are stictly for learning, are spam free, and are exciting.

Frequent updates

Our tutorials are updated frequently to reflect changes in technology. Work with the latest technogies everytime.


Join our WhatsApp forums and get all the support you need to complete your projects for free.


Our tutorials are designed by qualified members within our community, and are checked for quality and simplicity. It takes not more than 5 minutes to go through tutorials.

Fast and concise

Our classes are structured so as to take as little time as possible. We allow students to make their own time and practice.


We are here to make learning to code as cheap as possible. We only take enough money to pay our contributers. We make our fees affordable to enable everyone learn to code.

# Class Duration Fee per month
1 Website & Webapp Development2 monthsGHc 40
2 Ethical Hacking5 monthsGHc 45
3 Laravel Framework2 monthsGHc 150
4 Java Programming5 monthsGHc 80
5 Graphic Design2 monthsGhc 85

About Us

The Programmers Hub was founded in January 2017 as a WhatsApp based group that did peer-to-peer review of code.
Now we are a community of programmers and computer enthusiasts who...

Teach Code

We are now a community committed to teaching code to people of all ages, of all gender, and of all beliefs.

Peer-to-peer code review.

Our WhatsApp based forums are there to help answer all the programming related needs of members and also provide all the neccessary materials to improve the programming skills of programmers and better the standards of the code they write.

Provide Jobs

We've got something for everyone. Due to the network of developers we've created, we occassionally outsource jobs to our more qualified members, and also pay something little to our contributers.